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College Heights Baptist Church

Highlights of the History of
Manhattan, Kansas


College Heights Baptist Church has a rich history. Andrae Crouch's "Through It All" could be our theme song.
Our prayer is that "Through it all we've learned to trust in Jesus, we've learned to trust in God. We've learned to
depend upon His Word."

Our church has weathered a number of changes over the years and we have depended on God through each one.
We began as the Central Baptist Mission in December, 1953 as a home fellowship that met on Tuesday nights at
420 Colorado St. The average attendance was seven. The first meetings were held in a second-floor hall on Third
Street and Poyntz. The mission constituted on August 31, 1954 . Wayne Flory was the pastor and the church had
48 members. The services during the first two years were held in the Seventh-day Adventist building at Sixth and
Laramie. The first building on the present property was completed in 1957. The concrete slab and basement for
the second unit were poured in November, 1959. The ministry of the church began to flourish with the addition of
a number of KSU faculty and staff families. Undeterred by its poor financial history, the church voted in 1966 to
issue bonds and build the present sanctuary. The building, consisting of a 230 seat auditorium, a fellowship hall,
and a kitchen, was completed in April, 1967. In 1975 the church changed the name to College Heights Baptist.

During the 1980's, College Heights served as a vibrant influence in the community while being particularly missions
conscious. The home church established three new missions in those years, each of which has since been
constituted as a self-sustaining church: Ogden Baptist Church August 4, 1991; New Hope Community Church
September 8, 1991; Crossroads Baptist Church October 2, 1994.

Since 1982, College Heights Baptist Church has sponsored Conversational English classes with hundreds of
students from all over the world having participated in the program. These classes are taught entirely by volunteers.
The goal of the program is to make the international's time in the United States more enjoyable by helping them
with their spoken English. Each week (September through April) students attend classes where they make new
friends, both American and international, and learn everyday American speech designed to help them opportunities
for witness and ministry to people from around the world. Our prayer is that it will continue to reach people with
the gospel for years to come.

In 1987 a special planning committee was set aside to write a mission statement and goals which would guide the
ministry of the church.

Goals of the College heights Baptist Church
o To develop a spiritually vital church membership.
o To share Christ with unbelievers.
o To perform Christ's ministry in the community.
o To extend our church's ministry throughout the world.
o To renew our church's life through improved operations.

Missions activity has been, and continues to be, a special part of our ministry. Over the years we have sponsored
a number of missionaries and continue to support this activity diligently

With the 1973 objective, "To win lost people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to lead Christians toward
spiritual maturity" still in mind and subscribing to the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message, we move forward into the
twenty first century. We pray to be used increasingly in God's service, placing our faith in Him and counting it joy
to be workers in His vineyard.





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