How Our
Church Leaders
Are Chosen

College Heights Baptist Church

How the Leaders
College Heights Baptist Church

                             Our Pastor

                                              When seeking a new pastor, a Pastor Search Committee nominates a candidate. Written
                                              notification is mailed to all resident members at least two weeks prior to such a nomination.
                                              An eighty percent or greater affirmation vote by ballot of members present and voting
                                              shall constitute a call to the nominee. The pastor of CHBC is expected to meet the scriptural
                                              qualifications for the responsibility, and have experienced a definite call of God to the ministry.
                                              The pastor shall be a licensed Southern Baptist minister who actively supports the program
                                              and aims of this church. The pastor is to be the spiritual leader of the congregation, and an
                                              enabler of others in the exercise of their spiritual gifts. It is the duty of the pastor to guide in all
                                              matters relating to the church life and program. Expectations shall be agreed upon by the pastor and
                                              the Personnel Committee and set forth in a Covenant Agreement approved by the church.
                                              The pastor is to serve as chair of the Church Council, and to direct the work of the secretarial staff
                                              and ministerial staff.

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                             Our Deacons

                                              Deacons are first nominated by the congregation, then the nominees are asked privately if they
                                              are willing to serve for a period of three years. Deacon elections happen every two years.
                                              Only two new deacons are elected at a time, so that there are four who are part of the deacon
                                              body when the new deacons enter. The congregation votes on the nominees. The top two
                                              with most votes are selected. The job of a deacon is to be available to help anyone in the
                                              congregation who needs help, verbally or to meet a need. If we can't do it alone, we take it to
                                              Tim (our pastor) or work together on the problem, organizing help. We attend deacon's
                                              meetings once a month with the pastor, where church business is discussed and conducted.
                                              We are called upon to support the church business meeting by our presence whenever
                                              possible. Our job is to support the church, congregation, and pastor. We also make
                                              announcements at Sunday worship service; each deacon serving every six months for one
                                              month. After having completed three years as a deacon, deacons have to NOT serve for at
                                              least one year before they can be reelected.

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                              Our Music Director

                                              When an opening occurs for a "music director" our need is made known to Christian organizations
                                              where a suitable candidate might be found. When candidates apply, the personnel committee interviews
                                              the candidates with particular interest in their testimony and their musical abilities. If a particular
                                              candidate is found acceptable to the personal committee, they are then allowed to "try out" before
                                              the congregation for a couple of Sundays. Then during business meeting for that month, a member
                                              of the personnel committee presents the candidate to those present for a vote. If there is a majority
                                              vote in favor, we have a new "music director."

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