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College Heights Baptist Church
Conversational English - Summer 2015

College Heights Baptist Church, 2320 Anderson Ave., is offering a Conversational English Class for the summer.
The class is titled "Conversation and Culture" and will be led by teachers Linn Allen and Mary Jo Hawkinson.
Our CE summer classes have become very popular with our International Students who remain in Manhattan
during the summer. There is also a free children's program (ages kindergarten through 6th grade)offered in
conjunction with the CE Class. Class begins May 20th and will meet once a week on Wednesdays,
from 6:45 pm- 8:00 pm in the basement of the church. The fee is $15 per adult.

Following is the CE Summer 2015 Class Schedule:
" May 20th, Wed. - Register for the class and pay your fee. Then get acquainted and go over our goals for the summer.
" May 25th, Monday - Attend the Memorial Day Band Concert: meet at the church east parking lot at 6:45 pm
if you need a ride or go to the Bandstand area in City Park by 7 pm.
" Month of June-- On Wednesday evenings we will be viewing movies that are of special cultural interest followed by 
conversation and a review of vocabulary that is pertinent to the movie.
" Month of July - Movie nights on Wednesdays; July 1st , 8th, 15th and 22nd On July 4th we will have a picnic at one
of the teacher's home with good food and outdoor games then attend a Band Concert at City Park. Time to be announced.
" Family Nights - July 24th, 25th & 26th attending the Riley County Fair & Rodeo. Time to be announced.
This will conclude our summer class.

If you have any questions or for additional information please contact the church at #785-537-7744
or send your e-mail to

Our Conversational English Program

Since 1982, College Heights Baptist Church has sponsored Conversational English classes.
During this time, hundreds of students from all over the world have participated in this program.
These classes are taught entirely by volunteers. The goal of these volunteers is to make your
time in the United State more enjoyable. Each week (September through April) student will attend
classes. Through these classes, the student will make new friends, both American and international,
and will participate in every day conversational exercises designed to help them participate more
comfortably in the community.

About Our Conversational English Classes:

The Conversational English classes are taught weekly by experienced instructors. In addition to
practicing their English speaking skills, the students will have the opportunity to learn about
American culture, including holidays and cooking, and to share their culture as well.

Our Children's Program

There is a children's program for age's kindergarten through 6th grade.
The children will study the Bible, learn about Jesus and play lots of games.
There is no cost to participate in this program.


Pictures from Past Conversational English Celebrations

One of the things we do with our Conversational English classes
is to share some of our traditional American holidays.

       Our 2014 Spring Picnic
Easter Egg Decorating
Pumpkin Carving
  Thanksgiving Dinner
  Christmas Cookie Decorating




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