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Dennie Bayer

Dennie Bayer: My wife Virginia and I joined College Heights Baptist, as newlyweds,
when it was 1st Southern, back in 1974. We represent the third of the church that
are made of local residents and business people, with the other segments represented
by the University staff, faculty, and students and also many military families
and individuals. We have three children, all married and living away from Manhattan.
We have always thought College Heights ministers well to a healthy mixture of
backgrounds, ages, and interests. My Christian life began here as I accepted Christ, 
in this church. I have served in a number of offices and on committees, over
the years. I will be serving as an active Deacon for one more year, am serving on
the Personnel Committee, teach Adult Sunday School, assist with the Conversational 
English ministry, and serve as Church Treasurer, also assisting Stewardship and
Finance. My heart, and I believe our churches, is with missions, both supporting mission
projects and sending workers out. We also have an active prayer ministry and a Deacon
family ministry that attempts to help, or rally help, for those within our churches influence.
I hope you will call
me with any questions you may have about College Heights, and that you will find a 
church home in the Manhattan area where God can use you, and bless you.



George W. Wyatt, III

Carol and I were both born and raised in St. Joseph, Missouri. We were
married after college, although we had met and dated since we were juniors
in high school. Work eventually brought us to Manhattan in January, 1971.
On our first Sunday in Manhattan, there was a heavy snow. We got stuck
trying to get into the parking lot. After battling the snow, we decided to go
home and try CHBC again the next week. We later joined and have been here
ever since. We came looking for a Christ centered church, which we found
and we have stayed also finding Christian friends and fellowship.

I was ordained a deacon in 1978. Since then, I have served several three-year
rotations as an active deacon. Over the years, I have chaired virtually every church
committee, most more then once.

I was raised in a Christian - Methodist home. Prior to Carol and my wedding
in 1967, I professed Christ as my Savior and was baptized. I joined First Baptist
Church of St. Joseph, where Carol and her family were members. I am certainly
a work in progress and I credit my wife and her encouragement as being a prime
factor leading to my Christian growth.

Carol and I have been blessed with two children, a son - George IV, and
a Daughter - Laura. Both are married and involved in their own churches
and professional career paths. Our son and his wife have also given us a marvelous
blessing in the form of a grandson - George V. Seeing your children succeed
at various stages of life is quite rewarding, but nothing matches the blessing of seeing
them accept Christ as their savior and be Baptized in their home church.

College Heights has been a wonderful church home to the Wyatts for over
four decades. This fellowship can be just exactly what you make it to be.
I hope you too can find a church home with College Heights Baptist Church.



Jack Rader

My Name is Jack Rader. I was born and raised in rural western North
Carolina. I was raised in a Christian home with my Dad being a staunch
Baptist and my Mother being Methodist. I have one sister who is my senior
by seven years. I professed Jesus as my Lord and Savior at the age of 11.
The trip with Him, since then has been one full of valleys and a few peaks.

I have personally experienced two miracles in my life. The first miracle
was a dramatic and sudden removal of alcohol abuse from my life. I can say
that this experience went down the very bottoms of my feet. The second
miracle involved my feet!! During a worship service, in 1975 our preacher
was preaching on the passage found in Matthew 14:22-31. At the moment
the preacher got to verse 30 where Peter has doubt and fears, and begins
to sink into the water, I suddenly had very wet feet!!! No it wasn't raining
as it was a clear and sunny, early summer day. All I can say about that
is WOW!

I got to Manhattan by way of the US Army in 1988. I was assigned
to Fort Riley for the second time. I entered the Army in January 1971
and I retired in January 1993. I served as a Military Policeman, with assignments
that took me from coast to coast in the US and to Central Europe. My wife,
of 40 years, Teresa is currently employed as a Department of the Army
Civilian at Fort Riley. We have been members of College Heights since
November 1988. It was here, at College Heights, that I was ordained
as a Deacon. I have, previously, served two three year terms as a Deacon.

We have two sons (Mark and Scott) and one grandson (Devon). Mark
lives in Manhattan and Scott and Devon live in Anchorage, Alaska.



Gary Edwards

My wife Joy and I joined College Heights Baptist Church several years ago.
We were looking for a Bible believing church with a heart for missions. We found
both here. I was saved at the age of seven and have served in several capacities at
different churches as we moved during our lives. I sincerely believe that God will
send us down life's road expecting us to trust in Him and believing that His grace is
sufficient for us. I can tell you that He has always provided for us and sometimes He
has had to discipline us for our short comings but, He has never failed us.

I currently serve as Deacon with two years remaining on my term. I am also the chair
of the Personnel and Finance Committee here at College Heights. I am a CPA in with
a public practice here in Manhattan and Joy is Assistant Administrator at St. Joseph
Village. We have four children and two grandchildren.

Join us and all of the fine people who worship God each week here at College Heights
Baptist Church. I know that you will feel welcome and appreciate the warmth and
friendships you will develop here.



Steve Thompson

I am a retired Military Police Officer and work as a Human Resources Specialist
(Counselor) for the Army Benefits Center for Civilians on Ft. Riley. My wife Kathy
and I joined College Heights several years ago and we serve as the Directors of The
Hospitality Committee, I also am a teacher for the Conversational English Program,
serve on the Building and Grounds Committee, and enjoy assisting in preparing meals
for our fellowship meals as well as flipping burgers at our many picnics and outings.
Until recently I was a member of the Praise team. We have 2 children and 8
grandchildren, most of them still here in the Manhattan area. I came back to Christ in
November of 1982 on a deployment to Germany with the Military. I had been born
and raised Catholic, but had fell away from the church and Christ in my teens and
upon the death of my mother in 1980. Ironically, thoughts of my mother is what
brought me back to the church, and I have found a home here in College Heights
Baptist Church.

I would hope as you visit our church and our community that you find a church home
in College Heights. We serve a large spectrum of our community and our church is
represented by current and former military, KSU faculty, staff, students and alumni,
business owners and leaders and numerous others from all walks of life. Please come
and enjoy our presence.


JR Love

JR has attended College Heights Baptist Church since arriving to Manhattan in the
fall of 2010. JR and Megan were married on June 15, 2013 in Jackson, MS.
JR is completing his Ph.D. from Kansas State University and currently teaches in
the School of Leadership Studies at K-State. Megan is currently teaching at Barton College
Community College - Ft. Riley. JR and Megan are both involved in the Young Adults Small
group at CHBC. Coming from Southern Baptist roots in MS, CHBC provides us with
a worship setting that is grounded in Biblical teaching and a warm, friendly environment.


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