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Meet Virginia Mixer, Our Mission Coordinator
    My husband, John, and I have been members of this church since 1972 when the Army
sent us to Ft. Riley. We planned to be in Manhattan for a year or two, but decided
to stay and make this our home. College Heights Baptist Church strives to serve both
the members of the military and the university community (students, faculty and internationals).

We hope you will make this church your home as well, whether you are planning on
staying in Manhattan for a short time or making it your home. Join us in sharing his love
with this community, this country and the world.

As a child, I attended church with my family and was baptized when I was 8 years old.
At that point in my spiritual life I knew much about Jesus' live and death just like I knew
about George Washington being the first president of the United States. I had a "head
knowledge" of Him,but it wasn't until my teen years that I started to realize I needed a
personal relationship with my Lord and needed to let Him live in and through me. God is
still teaching me more about Himself and His will every day. Growing in my faith and
learning to follow Him instead of going my own way is a continual process. I  thank my
Lord and God that He is patient with me. I thank Him for the abounding love and the
grace He offers me and all  who will call upon His name.
How CHBC is Answering God's Call  


God's call is to take His message into all the world. We, College Heights Baptist
Church, take that message seriously. Missions activity has been, and continues to be, a
special part of College Height's ministry.

We Pray--We maintain personal contact with seven full-time missionary families in order
to pray for their specific ministry needs, their people groups,and their personal and
spiritual needs. We pray for specific short-term missionaries and for God's workers in the
ends of the earth.

We Give--We actively support international missions through the annual Lottie
Moon Christmas offering, North American missions through the Annie Armstrong Easter
Offering, and the Kansas/Nebraska missions through the Viola Webb offering. Our
members are generous givers and each year we receive recognition from the Smokey Hill
Baptist Association for being a "Top Giving Church" in our association.

We Go--Over the years we have sponsored a number of missionaries from within our
church body who have served or are still serving in a variety of countries including:
India,Chile, Peru, Eastern and Southern Africa, Centraland South Asia and the Pacific
Rim. Some of our missionary families have been on the field for more than 20 years,
some have retired, and some are newer to the field. One of our members is currently
working as a bi-vocational missionary with an Indian reservation in northeast Nebraska.
Over the years we have sent short-term mission teams to Omaha, NB to run a vacation
Bible school on an Indian reservation; to St. Louis, MO for vacation Bible school
in the inner city, to Kansas City, MO to work in soup kitchens; and to Chicago to work
with inner-city youth. In our own back yard,we have sent a team to work with a trailer
park ministry in Junction City, KS, hold conversational English classes/Bible study for
international students a tour church, and have a small team that witnesses with our pastor
on the street corner in Aggieville (our local college's bar district).If you would like to
join us in reaching our neighborhood or the world with the Gospel message, please feel to
contact me, Virginia Mixer. Just choose "help with missons", on the"Contact Us" page,
fill in your personal information,and I will be in touch with you.
Click on the Cross to go to the Contact Us page.
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Love, Sweat And Cheers!
By Virginia Mixer
August 2013
About Our Junction City Mission Team

         For the past 6 years, volunteers from College Heights Baptist Church have been
         traveling to their neighboring city, Junction City, to minister to kids in a low-income
         trailer park during the warm summer months of June and July.

         The ministry started after Pastor Tim Gotchey visited a family in the trailer park and
         saw an obvious need. Recently one grandparent thanked us for spending time with the
         kids because"there isn't much for the kids in the park to do other than to hang out on
         summer evenings and get into trouble.'"

         The CHBC volunteers meet at the church, pray for God leading, and load the cars
         with game supplies, a big water cooler, a boom box, and lots of hot dogs. As our cars
          pull into the small parking lot, a small group of kids are waiting and cheering for our
          arrival. They eagerly help us unload our car trunks and carry the supplies to a
          net-less-tennis court. As we set up the tables and games, the word quickly spreads
          throughout the park that we have arrived. The kids, ages 5-17, start streaming in and
          the games begin. The games include broom hockey,dodge ball, and various versions
          of tag, for those kids who like competitive games plus Frisbee,Yackle,Doors
          & Windows, and even chalk art and hopscotch for the few who prefer less

           After about an hour of playing (That's where the "sweat" part of the title of this article
           comes from) with frequent water breaks, we take a cookie break. We spread a large
           tarpon the tennis court for the kids to sit on and serve Oreo cookies with more water
           as we share a Bible lesson about God's love and lead action songs. During this worship
           time with the kids,another group of volunteers starts the charcoal fire for cooking hot
           dogs and brats. After a few more games to give the cooking crew time to prepare the
           hot dogs,the kids eagerly line up for the hot dog, ketchup and mustard dispensing
           volunteers. Although we generally see very few parents or caregivers, one grandmother
           and handicapped nephew have been joining us regularly for hot dogs.

           A few of the kids remembered us from last year, but most are new to the ministry.
           Each night before we leave the park, we leave the kids with youth-directed Bible
           tracks and memory verse handouts to take home. On the last night we will give each
            family an evangelistic video that we hope they will share with their whole family.

           Our volunteer pool is an interesting mix with 5 over age 50, 3 college students, and
           4 international students from China. A young, visiting scholar from China, who had
           never eaten, much less cooked a hot dog before, has become our chief hot dog cook.
           Just last week,one of the volunteers said, "I'll really miss coming out here when July is
           over."Most of these kids are not only hungry for hot dogs, but are hungry for attention
           and for someone to care enough to spend time with them even if it is only one night a
           week for two months in the summer. We are glad we can be there for them on these
           warm summer evenings and pray when we are gone, the seeds we have planted will
           continue grow.



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