College Heights Baptist Church


Jordan Frank
is our
New Music Director
College Heights Baptist Church



Music has always seemed to be part of my life. I was the child that dragged the pots and pans from the
cupboards and beat on them with spoons. I offically started playing drums when I joined the 5th grade band,
and continued playing all through high school. My mother played piano and my father lead worship at
a small Baptist Church in Fostoria, KS. When we started attending Faith Evangelical Free Church, I played
drums for the congregational service and youth group for several years, and lead youth group worship for
several semesters while I was in college. In 2011 a friend invited me to college heights to play drums for
Sunday service, and since then I have become the worship leader for the church. College heights is a great
church, and I enjoy serving there as worship leader.





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